Facials, Body Treatments,Hair Removal,Lash Lifts and more..
  • O2 OXYGEN FACIAL: Using Pure Oxygenated Products to infuse the skins cells with...this facial detoxifies the skins cells and wakes the skin leaving a luminous glow that is perfect for a special occasion or for portraits...It literally will make your skin look years younger!   $95    1 hr.
  • SERENDIPITY SIGNATURE FACIAL:  A facial for someone who wants the "works"..Includes a deep cleanse,facial/scalp massage,microdermabrasion,LED light treatment,microcurrent treatment(tones facial muscles),masque to soothe, serums and moisturizer w/massage!   $110    1 hr. 15 minutes
  • LUNCHTIME 30 minute FACIAL: A perfect pick me up facial thats just the basics...cleanse,exfoliate OR masque,massage,serums & moisturizer  $45   30 minutes
  • AYURVEDIC/ORGANIC FACIAL: Based on ancient practices used thousands of years ago..We start with a essential oil breathing exercise to relax,a pressure point facial massage,herbal oil cleanse,steam treatment,exfoliation,rosewater toner to cool and a calming masque to soothe, finished with serum and moisturizer. this is great for those who like things natural!   $85    1 hr.
  • WRINKLE REPAIR FACIAL(Anti-Aging): Cleanse, microdermabrasion, soothing toner,hydrating masque,microcurrent OR LED light treatment,serums & moisturizer   $90    1 hr.
  • PURE RESULTS DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL: Deep double cleanse,facial massage while steaming,high frequency to kill blemishes & bacteria (if needed), extractions,calming masque, massage, serums & moisturizer   $80   1 hr.
  • CLARIFYING BACK FACIAL: Great for detoxing skin on the back that is breaking out...using same techniques as our Deep Cleansing Facial..except used on the back.   $75    1 hr.
  • MEN'S REBALANCE FACIAL: Deep double cleanse, Detoxifying scrub, extractions w/ steam, a hydrating masque and finish
  • w/ appropriate serums & moisturizer. Uses organic skincare that draw out impurities, corrects imbalanced skin, and smoothes out any fine       lines around the eyes   $75   1 hr.
  •  Dermaplane Facial: This facial is a great alternative to peels or microdermabrasion if you have really sensitive skin! Using a surgical blade(sounds cary but its not!), the esty removes all vellus hair and dead skin on top layer of skin..leaving a very smooth and soft complexion..eventually removing discoloration,helping to fade scarring and age spots! This provides for a much easier penetration of skin care products so that you see results faster!   $115   1 hr. 15 minutes
  PEELS OFFERED:    -ADD ON TO FACIAL ONLY!   +these are starting prices with 1 layer of peel solution...each addt.layer adds $5-10!
  SALICYLIC-Acne prone skin  $60+                                            15% AHA & VITAMIN C INFUSION-Sun Damaged Skin; Rosacea Prone SKin  $50
  GLYCOLIC-Skin that needs exfoliating  $60 +                          ENZYME POWER PEEL-Removes Dry skin..Great for Dull Complexions  $50
  LACTIC-Aging skin that needs hydrating/toning $60+         *We also offer COMBO PEELS-your esthetician will decide which is the best for your skin!
  TCA-Hyperpigmented skin/scarred skin    $75 +                  
***Please advise tech of useage of Retinols/Retin-A,& other meds (causes adverse reactions)    

  MICRODERMABRASION-rapid exfoliation using diamond tipped wand that helps remove blackheads,scarring,and pigmentation $ 40.00
  LED LIGHT TREATMENT-Light treatment using red or blue light to treat various issues..including acne, wrinkles, scarring,ect..works best with        several treatments!  $40.00
  MICROCURRENT-tones the facial muscles leaving a more toned and tight skin..no need for a facelift when doing this treatment regularly!  $40.00
 EYE or LIP TREAMENT- Intensive treatment to remove puffiness/discoloration(eye); helps with dry skin & fine lines around lips & eyes!  $25.00
  • VAJACIAL/"PEACH SMOOTHIE" BIKINI FACIAL: a deep cleansing of the bikini area and w/a lactic acid cleanser to remove clogged pores of dead skin and ingrown hairs that are causing bumps and future ingrown hairs. then a mud mask is used to condition and smooth and a hot towel removes the mask and is finished with a special moisturizer for the bikini area to prevent bumps in the future! this treatment is awesome for those who get reoccurring bumps and ingrowns!  $50
  • CITRON BODY GLOW TREATMENT; Fine grain sea scrub made w/ Rosemary & CItrus exfoliates all the dead skin off the legs,torso,back,arms,and decolette. Then a hot towel treatment removes the scrub to finish off with a body massage with tropical moisturizing cream!  $75
  • DETOX ESPRESSO SCRUB/BODY MASK; Detox & remove the dead winter skin and remove toxins from fat cells accumulated over the season...A dry brush treatment starts out this detox..then a warm massge oil treatment is lightly applied..followed by a espresso scrub detox mud masque. The body is wraped in a thermal blanket to  detox for 10 minutes and then the mud is removed w/ hot towels and a moisturizing massage follows. Great for winter skin dryness & losing water weight... $75
  • SHIRODHARA TREATMENT: An ancient indian treatment that involves a stream of special oil dripping on the 3rd eye(forehead) all while recieving massage. Treats Depression,Anxiety,Tension,Stress,Infertility,Hypertension,ect. Can also assist w/ PTSD,Insomnia,and Jet Lag  $95  1hr 15 min​                                                                        
  • BROWS $15    LIP $10   CHEEKS $12    BRAZILIAN $70 +     BIKINI. $35 + 
  • ARMS  half $30 Full $40   LEGS  half  $35  Full  $65                 CHIN  $12
  • CHEST/BACK  $60 +   UNDERARMS  $20    BRO-ZILIAN  $70 +
  • Lower Stomach/Happy Trail  $20
    ***For Leg/Bikini/Brazilian & Underarm Hair...Hair MUST be atleast             1/8  to 1/4 inch long to properly wax w/good results!
               This is about 7 to 10 days of growth!
     *These are starting prices..please see tech for a final quote!
  • WEDDING MAKEUP (Bride)-airbrush makeup ,lashes and touch up done on your BIG DAY..using all pro makeup (MAC,NARS,MAKEUP FOREVER,TEMPTU)  
        $120  (includes trial)   60 min.
  • MAKEUP LESSON; I show you how to start with great skin..then move on to the fundamentals of makeup application including foundation,contouring,eyes,lips,cheeks...i also ask that you bring your makeup so we can go over color selection too!  $65     60 min
  • EVENT MAKEUP; makeup done for a special event..airbrush if needed and lashes too! $65   60 min    
  • EYEBROW/EYELASH TINTING: Tint the lashes or brows w/a safe organic dye that last up to 8 weeks  $20                                          

  • we offer the ever so popular Lash Lift for those not wanting to compromise the integrity of the natural lashes...We relax the natural curl of your lashes and then perm a deeper curl into the lashes that will give you a beautiful natural curl that last up to 3 months! You can wear makeup and wash with any eye makeup remover as this does not effect the lashes curl.
  • ***ALso includes a Lash Tint complimentary!     $80
  • Must prepare to NOT use makeup or cleanse the eyes after treatment for 24 hours !